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    Weekly Meme Roundup: 2012-10-13

    • Shrinking news budgets got you down? Missing your weekly fix of Tom Tomorrow/This Modern World? Fret no more: #
    • Wanted to watch O'Reily vs Stewart in @therumble2012 ?? Too bad their web site can't support the traffic. #rumblefumble #
    • Andrew Kaczynski
      RT @RobertMackey: CNN poll 7% of Americans think PBS gets half the US budget; 30% think +5%; 40% say 1-5%. Reality: 0.014% #
    • Caffeenuering at the Red & Black Cafe. My first outing #
    • Have now ridden more hours and miles in October than in the previous three months combined. #lazysummer #
    • Simpsons/Family Guy animator Lucas Grey's video presents the economic argument for "Why Obama Now" #
    • Second #coffeeneuring ride this one to Caffe Vita on Alberta Working at a bank has holiday benefits. #
    • You're not too tired of them yet. Gangman? NO – Mitt Romney Style (Hey Wealthy Ladies) #
    • "One of the sanest, surest and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others." ~ Robert A. Heinlein #
    • "@jasongorman: A tool may have 1000 features, but if you can only remember 50 of them, then, for you, that tool has 50 features" your phone #
    • "@MattFilipowicz: I'm shocked! @thinkprogress: REPORT: Pro-Life Congressman pressured his mistress to get an abortion #

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