Bicycle Goals 2007

Goals should help you get to where you want to go, if you know where you are going. I just reviewed my 2006 Bike Goals. Net result? I can just restate them Therefore …

For 2007 I wish to build up my endurance. The measure of this will be successful competion of a full brevet series during the year.

That’s the big statement. To get there I need to do many interim things – including not making the misteps of 2005. Here’s my list of small goals.

  • Interim Goals
  • Long Steady Distance rides twice a month
  • Conditioning Commutes weekly, two morings of speed or hill training
  • Weekly pace for 5000 annual miles in 2005 – i.e. ride as much each weekend as I do each week commuting. Monitored for progress twice a month.
  • Rollers for an hour a week for balance

That’s the bike stuff. Success will require some non bike stuff too.

  • Side Goals
  • Yoga weekly
  • Home Yoga for the Core
  • under 200 pounds (no afternoon snacks?)

Fulfilling the interim and side goals will provide the foundation for the big goal. Completeing them will also keep me aware of how I’m doing on the preparation for the big goal.